Project teaser – BeagleBone Black thermal imaging

Disclaimer: this is just a little teaser for a project I started working on recently. Details, code and hardware design to come!

I was inspired by Noah Feehan's awesome work on his GRID-EYE BLE thermal imaging camera (also on, based on Panasonic's AMG88xx Grid-EYE sensors. These are 8x8 thermal array sensors with a 60 degree viewing angle, and cost around $40 in single quantities.

I connected the AMG8852 to my BeagleBone Black, then wrote a Python program using PyBBIO and OpenCV to grab temperature arrays from the sensor, convert the temperatures to RGB color values within a linear gradient, scale up the 8x8 image, then save the frames to a video file.

Here's a sample scaling up to 250x250px at 4fps:

(I walk into frame, wave my arms, then walk out of frame and give a thumbs up)

And trying out a few different color mappings:

I have bigger plans for this sensor, so stay tuned!